What Is The Average Timber Fence Cost In Australia?

timber fence cost

What do you think people consider while buying any object? Well! Most commonly it is the quality of the thing and the cost of the object. Sometimes people do not buy the highest quality of objects because either they find it to be waste of money or it simply does not fit into their budget. This is the reason that they look for such quality things that fit into their budget and are good to use as well. Similar is the case with the installation of fences. Fences can be defined as the vertical structures that are installed to mark a certain territory, to provide privacy or to present aestheticism to the place. The way of installation and the structure of all of the fences; on the whole are same. However; it is the material with which the fence has been made which makes it distinguish from other types of fences. Some types of fences are used for security purposes while others are installed to provide aesthetic appeal to the place. In this article; we will be discussing about timber fence and the average timber fence cost in sydney in Australia.

The average timber fence cost in Australia:

Timber fences are most commonly installed in rural areas for the purpose of marking boundary to a specific piece of land or farm. In addition to that; people like to install them in urban places to give a good outlook to their place as timber made structures never seem to disappoint. Timber fences are also divided into different types based on the type of wood that is used in its making. The most preferred types of timber fences are pined timber fences and cedar fences because they are quite eye catching as well as come in affordable prices. Even though the cost of timber fences can vary from place to place, the quantity and quality of fence but still we can give a certain estimate to it. The average cost of timber fences might vary from three hundred dollars to four hundred dollars for thirty six to seven foot installation.

Colour bond fence:

Colour bond fences are actually made up of a steel alloy but it is then coated with a zinc and aluminium material. The combined coating of zinc and aluminium is known as Zincalume. This coating after tightly blending into steel; makes the fence extremely durable.


Basically; all fences are vertical structures that mark a certain territory. However; it is the materials with which these structures are made that distinguish the fences in to different types. One such type is known as timber fences. The cost of timber fences depend upon the quality, quantity and location. Colorbond fencing prices in sydney are also preferred by people across the world. “Just fencing Sydney” offers best quality of timber fences in reasonable cost.