What Are The Different Ways Of Teeth Whitening?

A beautiful smile is everyone’s dream. A perfect smile can lift up your mood, make you feel confident about yourself and help you communicate well with the people around you, and the best part? You get to have incredible photos for your Instagram feed. This can be possible if you take care of your teeth. Although cleaning your teeth twice a day and avoiding too much caffeine, alcohol, and smoking is essential for a perfect smile, people are now getting different treatment that come with innovative use of technology that helps them get the smile they want.

One of the ways is teeth whitening. In ancient times, people used to rub different woods and herbs to get the desired effect. Some also rubbed charcoal, while some used strawberries. Times have changed now, and everything is replaced b machines, even teeth whitening methods. Link here https://www.unique-laser.com.au/solutions/teeth-whitening/ offer a good whitening service that will make your teeth awesome.

There are several teeth whitening methods out of which three are discussed as below:

Scaling Method

Scaling involves use of a dental tool that leaches out the plague build up as well as the stained covering on enamel. The result is the appearance of a cleaner, whiter enamel coming from underneath. This technique has been quite popular among people, but it is now getting replaced by other methods. People having sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and inflamed oral mucosa face problems during treatment plan for this type. Especially when the tool reached to the corner where the tooth meets the gum, it becomes quite problematic for people having sensitive teeth. Not only that, the results are quite temporary. So, these two disadvantages come in the way and cause problems.

UV Light method

UV radiations coming from a source are shone on the teeth that are covered in a bleaching agent gel like Hydrogen Peroxide or some other gel, when the light reflects on the teeth, the gel gets activated and does its work. However, the method is not safe for many people as it causes blisters. These blisters occur in the oral cavity mucosa as UV rays are quite strong and do not provide a protective environment for anything it comes in contact with. It is therefore recommended that you do not go for this option unless you are left with no other choice. UV rays are not considered safe for the human body and therefore you need to be protected from it at al costs what so ever to avoid any blister formation happening in your gums.

LED Treatment Light

LED teeth whitening is a safe and secure method of teeth whitening as the light used in this technique do not affect the oral cavity membrane in any capacity and is equally effective. You can expect good results, a shade that goes well up to 14 shades higher and does not in any case cause blisters in your mouth. Moreover, the time required for this type of treatment requires less than an hour.