The Parental Guide To Teen Depression

With the many stressors teenagers face while trying to find out where they fit in and who they are going to be, it’s not surprising that this period can overwhelm most. With all these factors coming into play, it can be hard to tell if your teen is just showing growing pains or suffering with depression. The fact of the matter is that these kids are going through a tough time and depression affects them far worse than people realize. It can be easily treated, but hardly any kids are sent into receive treatment itself. Here is a guide that will help you understand what to do if your teen is suffering from depression and is in need of professional guidance.


A depressed teen will go through intense feelings of low self-worth, hopelessness and helplessness. The first step is to acknowledge their feelings and not try to downplay them just because they seem irrational to you. By belittling their problems, this adds to their feelings of insignificance. Acknowledging the pain they feel helps them feel supported.

Listening over lecturing

Depressed teens often act out in different ways. This could be through aggression (usually bully victims) irritability, withdrawal from others, reckless behavior and poor performance. A parent’s first instinct would probably be to lecture him. Work on listening to your child instead so he knows that he has unconditional love and support during this hard time.

Seeking help

Support and lifestyle changes do go a long way but this is simply not enough, especially with regards to severe cases. A depression therapist Sydney will help give them the professional treatment they need so don’t hesitate to reach out and find proper guidance for your child.

Showing support

It is important to show your child that you can be a supportive pillar during this period. Remember that despite the most frustrating of times when your child is being difficult, he simply has no choice but is suffering and thus acting out the only way he can. Remain watchful over the course of any counselling Bondi Junction so you can let the doctor know if the symptoms are getting worse.


Families that are dealing with a case of depression can fall apart if they’re not careful. If you focus too much on your depressed child that you begin to neglect yourself and the other members of your family, this no longer creates a stable home for your depressed teen. It’s important to stay positive during this period so don’t bottle your feelings up, and have a support system that you can rely on. Also avoid self-blaming as cases of depression can stem from a multitude of factors.These are some of the best ways you can handle teen depression. It can be a draining process but hang in there, don’t do it alone and definitely enlist in some professional help!