3 Reasons To Do Controlled Traffic Farming

Farming is one of the biggest sources of food in the world. It is important to keep the economy going and to create new job opportunities. Farmers work day and night for agricultural production. When you compare farming techniques to a few centuries ago to the ones today, there is a huge difference. Not only is farming nowadays much more efficient, but the yield is also much higher. Modern farming techniques have been introduced in order to not only make the lives of farmers easier, but to also get better results.

Nowadays the use of modern machinery has become a necessity for farmers because of how quick it can make the farming process. However, even when it comes to using machinery, there are a number of aspects which are required to be kept in mind otherwise you might end up damaging the soil due the heavy weight. So, in order to make the use of machinery as safe as possible, controlled traffic farming was introduced. What are the benefits of this farming method? Let’s find out.

Avoiding Damage to the Soil

If you do not know what controlled traffic farming is, then it is just as the name suggests. There are going to be specific tracks where the farming machine is going to move on. One of the biggest benefits of this farming method is that it helps in reducing the damage to the soil. Even though machines are useful for farming, but the heavy weight of those machines used to cause a great deal of damage to the soil. This is why, one of the best solutions to this problem is through the use of this farming technique.

Higher Efficiency

Another major benefit of controlled traffic farming is higher efficiency. Since you are only limited to move on specific tracks, you would be able to get the job done faster. Apart from using less fertilizer, due to minimal overlap you would get a higher yield and also require much lesser fuel to get the job done.


You must have been hearing about campaigns all over the world to protect the earth. Well, controlled traffic farming is one of those ways. Modern farming machinery heavily emit greenhouse gases which harm the environment. However, with the help of CFT you can play your role in reducing the emission of these gases. Since this farming method makes you stay on fixed tracks, the overall movement is minimised and so is the use of fuel which causes greenhouse gas emissions.

These were the three of the many reasons why controlled traffic farming has been rising in popularity. This is why, if you want to make farming much more efficient and faster, then you should certainly consider implementing this modern farming method.